Best Restaurants in L.A – The power of Katana

When you pass by Katana you can see and fell the refinement of the restaurant, but just when you get inside you can assure you made the right choice. In the middle of Sunset Avenue, there is a castle style building in which lights and tables are distributed in a fashionable way in the outside. 

When inside you get happy with the decor made with candles and dark wooden furniture and feel the cosiness that the open kitchen, low tables with sofa and pillows and the warm music give to you. No, Katana is not the place to be relaxed! The music is loud, people are trendy, there are noise and lots of movements going on (if you go to their website you can fell the spirit). It is the place to have fun, listen to a good music (REALLY good, I wish I could have their CD) and  eat a delicious food. A DELICIOUS food! Their speciality is Asian cousine, so you can expect everything from raw seafood, sushi combinations, noodles, rices and grilled meat, vegetables, fish and other combinations you want to have. 

We were in 5 people so we tried a variety of dishes. What we had:

– Ebi Yakisoba: Panfried Noodles with Jumbo Prawns.
– Cha-Han: Fried Rice with Egg & Asparagus with Chicken.
– Crab Dynamite Sushi Roll: Red Crab & Avocado Topped with Baked Dynamite Sauce.
– Katana Sushi Roll: Yellowtail & Tuna atop Spicy Tuna & Shrimp Tempura Roll. 
– Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll.
– Robata Grill: Foie Gras – Filet Mignon wrapped around Foie Gras & Asparagus
– Sashimi Tasting Plate.
And for those who don’t want to spend much money to have dinner out, there are good dishes with great prices. Off course if you order the appetizers, sushi, etc you will pay more, because almost all the trendy Asian restaurant are Tapa style. But noodles and rices are available and yes you can share (plates are big), and the price goes around $8 to $18 dollars. 

I loved the experience I had at Katana, and I recommend for anyone that like a trendy spot in the city, with good asian food. 

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