My favorite Restaurants in L.A – Ado

After reading my blog for the first time, a friend recommended me some of her favorite restaurants in Los Angeles and one of them was AdoI was there in the same week and It was love at first sight.
From the outside you can see a wooden two floors house decorated with white Christmas lights. When you go inside you feel the romantic atmosphere through a rustic decor, low light and candles (the place is not sophisticated, what makes it more charming). All I needed for that freezing Sunday night. And, if you are lucky enough, a charismatic Italian guy (probably the owner) will welcome you at the door.

The Menu is simple with a good amount of options that can really make you confuse while deciding what to order. 

We had as appetizer the Carpaccio di Branzino ai Ricci di Marei and the Carpaccio di filetto. Deliiiiicious!

As the main dish, we both had Paste (no space for Secondi). I choose the Spaghetti alla Chitarra con Melanzane Fritte, Pesto e Ricotta Salata (Home-Made Square Spaghetti with Fried Japanese Eggplant and Tomato Sauce, topped with Ricotta Salata and Basil Pesto) 
and Alex the Tagliolini Rossi con Ragu di Quaglia in Fonduta di Taleggio (Home-Made Red Beet Tagliolini Pasta in a Marsala Quail Ragù served on a bed of Taleggio Cheese Fondue). 
What can I say … Meraviglioso!!!!!!!!

The food was so good that became one of my favorite restaurants in L.A in a week. Cold weather, Italian food, a good wine, a perfect environment and special company combined, couldn’t be different, right?

After all the excitement with the fabulous dinner, we were ready to go home. What I love about Italian restaurants is the fact that they know how to be warm and informal like Brazilians, and this makes us feel at home. I can’t wait to come back to Ado. 

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