34 Days in Europe. Day 03 PARIS

Good Morning Pariii! Third day in the city and still tired for getting up at 6am (jet leg working hard on me).  This was the day to visit the highest part of the city, the popular Montmartrebut first… breakfast. We stopped in our new favorite place – Café Hue (the same from the last post) – to get a baguette with prosciutto and formaggio. Rated by us as the best baguette’s sandwich in Europe. Now we were ready for our long day.

After two different metros and a lift to get up to Montmartre, we got to Sacré Coeur. The church surrounded by big green threes takes presence in the top of one of the most amazing cities in the world, with the forever view of Paris. From the cathedral you can see the whole city, and their one-color-arquitectural -style. From the inside you don’t get surprise with the church, as the design is similar to many other common churches. But since you are there, you must get in to know the place, in silence please.

Few blocks away from the church is located another attraction of the region: the Place des Artistes. The cute square emphasizes the artistic side of Paris.  There you can find a variety of artists painting and selling their work in different sizes, frames, styles (and thousand of tourists trying to have their own auto-portrait). I would say the place perfectly portrays the old artistic image of the city.

Time to get back to lower grounds, so we kept our journey walking through the tiny and charming streets that, different from the others neighborhoods, has a lot of hills. We stopped in Pigalle to visit the popular Moulin Rouge (bad surprise) and all the sex shops and other stuff located around it. You probably don’t need more than 5 minutes there (to me, not a must go place).

Our next stop was in Madeleine. Casually (“poor” coincidence) the metro exit was right in front of the famous Fauchon – YAY time for some Macarons…yummy yummy. Not even my boyfriend with that old speech “we should not eat dessert before lunch” would make me stop.  They have two big stores next to each other. The first one is a delicatessen and the second a shop that sells all kind of sweets that you can imagine. Good place to buy gits.

After the sweet pit stop we walked in the neighborhood for a while to see all the cute stores and caffes until the Place Vendôme where the Ritz hotel is located. We kept our walk until the Opéra de Paris (beau-tiful!) and we got in the Galeries Lafayette, right next to it. Outside you don’t give any credits for the building, but, inside, if you look to the ceiling, you will remember the city you are at and will probably forget about all the million tourist trying to buy cosmetics, clothes, bags, and everything else around you. Too noise for shopping. We ran out of there.

Opera Paris

End of the day, time to go home. In the walk home we stopped in the Bar du Marche for a typical Nutella crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream together with a glass of white wine. You know you can’t leave Paris without trying the famous Nutella crepe, right? Ride your bike the whole day and after give yourself this break ;).

The place we choose to have a dinner and thank our friends for the accommodation was Le Chateaubriand. It’s considered the ninth best restaurant in the world. For us it was the worst experience in the planet. The place is cozy and cute but our experience was bad from the first minute we got there. In conclusion: 2hrs of wait, weak wine list (organic wines only), terrible taste, few options in the tasting menu and heavy bill. Chateaubriand, don’t see you soon. At the end our “thank you present” became a “bomb present”. The only pleasant time of the night was our walk home from the restaurant to the apartment. During night or day, just walk in the lovely streets of Paris. Have good dreams!

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