Big Bear Mountain

The winter is almost done but there is still some time to catch a good snow in the mountains. And, from the ones living in California, I would say run for your last weeks in Big Bear. 
Big Bear is located around 2h30min away from Los Angeles and it is a fun place to spend  the day or stay for one or two nights. The city is small and doesn’t offer much attractions (restaurants, stores, etc) but ski mountains. There are two ski resorts in the city: Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. The first one has 31 trails in which  10% are first time beginner, 25% low intermediate, 40% intermediate and 25% advanced. Bear Mountain has 34 trails, from that, 15% are first-time beginner,15% low intermediate, 40% intermediate and 30% advanced. I never skied in Snow Summit before, but Big Bear I’ve been several times. The mountain is small, the trails are easy (when comparing to other ski resorts) and I would say that 95% are snowboarders – not always the best place for skiing. 
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The mountain is cute, and the restaurants and cafes in site always crowded (mostly with young people). Geronimo Outpost is a small house in the middle of the mountain where you can get snacks, drinks and rest. Perfect for a hot dog and beer before getting back in the trails. 
A good place to rent ski/snowboard equipments in the city is in the Blauer Ski & Board Rentals Store. The store is never crowded and the price is cheaper than in the mountain. 
Besides the mountains, the famous Big Bear Lake that surrounds the city is REALLY beautiful and worthy to visit. 
I really enjoy going to Big Bear, but honestly, if you don’t like skiing or snowboarding, you should find another ski city funnier than here. A great weekend plan in Big Bear would be: take a good group of friends, rent a house, go skiing/snowboarding during the day, and cook and party at night….Fun! 

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