Churros Calientes

Are you curious from where came that delicious picture of a dulce de leche churros that I shared online? So here is my story about it:

Last Saturday night I was driving at Santa Monica Blvd (Los Angeles), trying to find a small and charming restaurant to have a delicious dinner with my boyfriend. It was cold outside and I wanted to eat something warm… to warm me up. When I was searching for a nice spot on the street a big board written Churros Calientes called my attention. The board was bigger that the place itself, and, as the name is familiar for us, Brazilians, I scream to Alex: Chuuuurrrrrooos. After that our life changed. Not because it was churros (I’m not a huge fan of churros) but because we discovered a cute, little place to eat churros, drink a good coffee, tea or hot chocolate, enjoy, and get addicted (in other words, fat). 

Churros Calientes is a small restaurant, with few tables, most of them outside. When you get inside you can hear a Spanish music playing, felling that there is real Latin American place. The indoor room is so cozy that you could stay forever. The server is the owner and, off course, he is from South America. 


We had no other choice than to try the original churros (like the one we have in Brazil): Dulce de leche. The surprise was the he offered us to eat with a hot chocolate on the side: YES, a cup of house made hot chocolate to dip the churros. Pretty amazing, ah?! The experience was delicious.



I can’t wait to go back there and try the other options they have available. They have three main types of churros: Largos, Grandes and Con Chocolate. The first one has chocolate, dulce de leche, strawberry, condensed milk or guava on the top. The Churros Grandes has one of those options of flavours inside and in the top of the churros. And the third type is the original churros, with a cup of the creamy hot chocolate I was talking about. The interesting thing about these churros is that they are made with organic flour and sugar. Besides that they offer some options of salty food. 

If you are in L.A, run for it, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

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