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For the cook lovers,  décor lovers, or both, that is the place you want to spend an afternoon: Culver City Art District. I will share my experience with you:

I was trying to find a nice restaurant for me and some friends to have lunch and I remembered that I heard about La Dijonaise and we quickly decided to give this place a chance. La Dijonaise is a cute French Bistro located in Culver City, in this area that I am telling you about. They serve, off course, French food, offering all dishes that you find in a typical French restaurant: from onion soup, escargots, to quiches, crêpes, Entrecôte and the delicious desserts.
As appetizers we had Onion 
Soup, Escargots and the delightful bread and butter. For the main dishes we chose the Salade au Chèvre Chaud (Warm goat cheese croutons, walnuts, tomatoes and mixed greens), Steak Frites
(Aged Charolais New York Steak (grass-fed) with fries), Beef Stroganoff
(Beef tenderloin in mushroom mustard sauce with fries) and Boeuf Bourguignon (
Burgundy beef stew with mushrooms, pearl onions, carrots, and turkey bacon. For dessert we had Éclair and Tiramisu. 



You should try it. But if you are not in the French mood, go for a Father’s Office right next door. I talked about the Father’s Office in herebefore. 

After the lunch that we realized how cool was the area. The Dijonaise and The Father’s Office are located in a furniture mall, in the region that is called Culver City Art District. You can find furniture stores around it, with cool, classic, and modern products. The place is huge and nice. For me was a surprise because I was searching on the internet some specific furniture and lights for my apartment, and when I entered in one of  the stores, there was everything I was dreaming with. H.D. Buttercup is by far the best store they have in the mall. It is a manufacturer furniture mart that sells a variety of brands. They have a lot of different styles of furniture to meet most everyone’s tastes and the products are not IKEA style (cheap and low quality). If you are a décor lover, go there that I guarantee you will have some fun. I wish I could have everything in my apartment.
Two blocks away from the HD Buttercup another good surprise: Surfas. I never heard about it before, but a friend wanted to go. When I got inside I was: OMG. Surfas is an attraction for cook lovers: a big store with all kind of products and accessories for the kitchen. The best description of the place is ” Surfas is like a foodie field trip, a camp for wanna-be chefs, and a getaway for gourmets all rolled into one”. Just don’t expect fancy products, its a store with cooking suppliers.

After all the shopping, you can stop in the Surfas Coffee shop and relax with a good coffee and a delicious cupcake or cookie. 

What a fun afternoon!

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  1. I love La Dijonaise their boeuf bourguignon is delicious!!! I also love to stare at the dessert window and crash my brain trying to pick one, everything looks so good.. at the end, of course, I take a little box to go with at least 3 different ones, which is not so bad considering all the furniture stores marathon right after.

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