My Favorite Restaurants in L.A – Fogo de Chão

As a meat lover, and a Brazilian, I couldn’t leave out of the list the famous Fogo de Chão. The restaurant is a hot spot and is the place to go when you are craving an incredible Brazilian food. They offer everything you need from a huge salad bar with all kinds of fresh vegetables, salads and cheeses, to the “Brazilian Mommy’s food” (rice, beans, etc), and, off course, a lot of meat. 

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All the meal are complemented by traditional side dishes (the Mommy’s food I was talking about) that include:  rice, beans, farofa, mashed potatoes, polenta, caramelized bananas and cheeeese bread (my favorite).

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The tableside service include a big variety of meat as Picanha (TOP), Filet Mignon, Alcatra, Fraldinha (TOP – Ask for rare), Beef Ancho (TOP), Cordeiro (lamb), Lombo (Pork), Costela de Porco (Pork ribs), Frango (chicken) and Linguiça (pork sausage). What I miss in Fogo de Chão and I definitely think they should include in their menu is the Coração (chicken heart), soo good. 

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And why not make this experience fun, adding to your meal the traditional Caipirinha?

If you want to try the original taste of Southern Brazil, the famous Churrasco, go for it.  Fogo de Chão keeps the tradition, with a lot of “Gauchos” working at the place to create an original environment. 
Or if you are Brazilian missing a good taste from Brazil, that’s the place to go. 

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A tip: Go for lunch because dinner is double the price ($$$$), with same food. And, nobody wants to be super full before bed time, right?!

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