My Favorite Restaurants in L.A – The Bazaar

I am so excited to start talking about my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, and I couldn’t start with other than The Bazaar by José Andrés. 

The Bazaar is located in the SLS hotel and is designed by the spectacular Philippe Starck. The restaurant offers you the whole eating experience: starting with drinks in the bar with high tables and comfortable couches, then you go to the restaurant to have your meal, probably seated  in really weird chair, and the final round is the dessert, in the dessert room (or Patisserie) decorated with huge cakes and cute tables. All the rooms are very eclectic with an amazing decor that Starck knows how to make it really well. 

For me, what really makes the difference at The Bazaar is the food. José Andrés  combines old-world and molecular gastronomy cooking techniques serving different and interesting tapas. From the first look and bite to the last piece you eat you can feel all your senses working together and flavors coming out in different ways. Strange NO, Amazing YES!  Every time that we go to the restaurant we have a different surprise (good surprise!) experimenting the food. 

My favorite dishes are:
– Jamones Y Embutidos  – Embutidos platter – They said that those hams are from Jose Andres farm. Lets pretend it is!

– “Philly cheesesteak” – TOP ONE. 

– Wild mushroom rice Idiazábal cheese

– Not your everyday Caprése
– Grilled beef hanger steak piquillo pepper confit



And more: Braised Wagyu beef cheeks California citrusand Sautéed shrimp garlic, guindilla pepper.


The first time I went to the restaurant I didn’t have a good experience with the dessert. But last week we’ve been there again and I decided to give a second shot: maybe the best decision of the night. Take a look:
Dark chocolate Cake – Caramel and Vanilla and Hot Chocolate Mousse. 



If you want to experience this unique dinning moment, my suggestion will be to go with 4 to 6 people. With more people, more experiences you can share. But be prepared: they serve small portions (tapas) and the price is $$$$$.
Have fun!

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