My Favorites Cafes in L.A – Coral Tree Cafe

Another L.A’s favorite is the Coral Tree Cafe. The food is similar to Urth Cafe, but with a broader variety of sandwiches, soups, breakfast dishes and some options of pastas and other main entrances. Plus, more options of seating and less waiting.  

The restaurant is located at the classic San Vicente Blvd, in the heart of Brentwood. The house is big and charming with seats available inside or outside (with heaters to warm you up during winter time). 

My favorite dishes at Coral Tree Cafe are:
– Scramble Alla Checca

– Butter Squash Soup (is one of the soups of the day. I don’t know in each exactly day they have it). 

– Orchard Salad

– Caprese Grill Panini
– Rosemary Chicken Sandwiche

– Steak Panini

You can check their menu online and see what you like. There are way more options that these ones above!
A Tip: Since parking is a issue in the area, there is a parking right next to the restaurant for only $2.50.  

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